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What we do

A talent for transformation.

We’re committed to making a positive impact and driving meaningful change.


We cut through complexity to offer clear, pragmatic and profitable advice.


This results in better strategic direction for more manageable routes forward (making tough challenges less intimidating).


Transaction Management

We simplify access and distribution of money, creating smoother and more appealing processes.

This results in better, more transparent and risk-free systems for policy makers and faster, smoother journeys for service users.


We investigate and interpret data so policy makers are able to act confidently, inviting ongoing feedback to measure and report impact.


These insights lead to a better understanding of causes and effects, resulting in more impactful frontline solutions (and wiser spending).

We enhance each capability by being tech-appropriate

Employing technology to work for people at every step, instead of using it for tech’s sake, is central to how we get results.

Welcome to the EMB Group

EMB East Midlands Business Logo

East Midlands Business Limited was our original name on launch nearly 20 years ago. Now, more commonly known as EMB, we deliver publicly funded projects and programmes designed to enhance skills and capabilities.

PyeTait Consulting Logo

Since 1991, Pye Tait has been carrying out specialist research into education, skills and labour across a wide range sectors on behalf of Government Departments and their agencies.

7666 Blue Marble Logo CMYK.jpg

Award-winning Blue Marble provides high quality research and insight using a wide range of methodologies to customers including government bodies, commercial brands, charities and utility providers.

Creating social value

Having a purpose and making change happen is central to what we do.

Happy team reviewing projects

Learn more about EMB Group

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