The Business Revival Grant Fund

As part of their response to the Covid Pandemic, the City of Lincoln Council and West Lindsey District Council  launched a new Business Revival Grant Fund in April 2021, working with EMB as their grant management partner.

The grant was aimed at supporting businesses to reopen, recover and prosper with businesses able to apply for up to £5,000 to help them to adapt, diversify and to support long-term sustainability.

Types of measures  supported included:

  • 1-2-1 specialist advice to address immediate needs in response to Covid-19 – e.g. digital or sector specialists;

  •  Purchase of equipment to adapt business processes – e.g. sanitising stations or equipment to support movement of business activities outside;

  • The adoption of new technology to deliver or diversify business activities – e.g. e-commerce platforms, contactless payments, hardware/software to support remote working

  • The purchase or development of new environmentally-friendly products or energy-efficient equipment that will reduce waste and promote the transition to a low carbon economy  

A total of £1.2m was deployed to support businesses through this scheme, with EMB assessing 460 applications and making over 230 grant awards.

Wendy Osgodby, Senior Growth Strategy and Projects Officer for West Lindsey District Council said “EMB has done an excellent job administering our Business Revival Grants, they are extremely professional and efficient, it has been a pleasure working with them to support the businesses in our area”