Catalysing Better Business
Catalysing Better Business

Change Management

Managing change is an essential skill for leaders and managers. Many factors can drive or require organisational change. Examples include:

  • Growth, especially moving into new markets
  • Economic downturns and tougher trading conditions
  • Changes in strategy
  • Technological changes
  • Competitive pressures, including mergers and acquisitions
  • Customer pressure, particularly shifting markets
  • New legislation

The challenges of change can include:

  • Maintaining business continuity in rapidly changing circumstances
  • Bringing together organisations with different cultures
  • Individual/group resistance to change
  • Loss of productivity and profitability
  • Loss of key staff
  • De-motivation and disruption

How can we help?

Our Specialists can help you to understand the nature and impact of change and support your organisation acquire the skills and tools required to plan and implement change programmes.

Recognising that there is no single model of change, our Specialists will work with the leaders and managers of an organisation to identify the nature of change and its potential implications, identify solutions to these issues and help to put in plan a programme of actions to mitigate issues.

What benefits will this bring?

The agreed programme will help you to communicate with and engage your workforce, negotiate changes within the workforce and ensure that you develop a motivated team that shares the organisation’s vision and direction for the future.

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